Hire Cheap Taxi from Folkestone to Gatwick Airport transfer £140 with Search Airport taxi, Average Distance Form Folkestone to Gatwick Airport 71 Miles.

If you’re planning a trip from Folkestone to Gatwick Airport, one of the most important considerations is transportation. Driving yourself may seem like a good idea, but it can be stressful, especially if you’re not familiar with the route. Hiring a taxi can be a convenient and stress-free option.

Q: How do I find a taxi company?

A: There are many ways to find a taxi company, but one of the easiest is to search online. Use a search engine like Google to search for “Folkestone to Gatwick Airport taxi” or “airport taxi Folkestone.” This should bring up a list of taxi companies that serve the route. Look for companies with good reviews and a solid reputation. You can also ask friends, family members, or colleagues for recommendations.

Q: How much does a taxi from Folkestone to Gatwick Airport cost?

A: The cost of a taxi from Folkestone to Gatwick Airport varies depending on several factors, including the time of day, the day of the week, and the size of the vehicle. On average, you can expect to pay around £100-£150 for a one-way trip, although prices may be higher during peak travel times.

Q: How long does the journey take?

A: The journey from Folkestone to Gatwick Airport takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. It’s important to factor in additional time for traffic or unexpected delays.

Q: Are taxis available 24/7?

A: Many taxi companies operate 24/7, but it’s always a good idea to check with the company in advance to confirm availability. Some companies may require advance booking for early morning or late-night pickups.

Q: Can I book a taxi in advance?

A: Yes, most taxi companies allow you to book in advance. This is especially important if you have a tight schedule or are traveling during peak travel times. Booking in advance ensures that you have a taxi reserved for your journey, and you can avoid the stress of trying to find a taxi on the day of travel.

Q: What should I look for in a taxi company?

A: When choosing a taxi company, look for a company with a good reputation and positive reviews. It’s also important to look for a company that offers a range of vehicle options, so you can choose the right size and type of vehicle for your needs. Other factors to consider include availability, reliability, and price.

Q: What type of vehicles are available for airport transfers?

A: Most taxi companies offer a range of vehicle options for airport transfers, including standard cars, executive cars, and minivans. The type of vehicle you choose will depend on your needs, the number of passengers, and the amount of luggage you have.

Q: How many passengers can a taxi accommodate?

A: The number of passengers a taxi can accommodate depends on the size of the vehicle. Most standard taxis can accommodate up to four passengers, while minivans can accommodate up to seven passengers.

Q: Is it possible to request a specific type of vehicle?

A: Yes, most taxi companies allow you to request a specific type of vehicle, such as an executive car or a minivan. It’s important to make this request in advance, so the company can ensure that the vehicle is available on the day of travel.